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Plantee Indoor Plants

Here at Plantee we love plants. We know the benefit that plants can have on our lives and we want to spread the happiness to as many people as we possibly can! Whether it's a pretty new home decoration plant or one that is going to cleanse your home with fresh toxin free air, we've got you covered. Our plants are sourced from the finest suppliers and that's how we know you'll love every plant you receive from us. It's also why we have our Plantee Guarantee. In the unlikely circumstance you aren't happy with your Plantee product we will do everything to assist you! So what's not to like? Go build your own horticultural paradise and bring plant happiness into your life.

"I love growing and expanding my indoor plant collection and adding a personal touch to my home"

Harry, Bristol

"My plants bring energy to my flat and help me destress after a long day"

Megan, London

The root of all happiness.

Bring life to your home or office

Choose the plant you love, the pot that suits your style and add a mini green utopia to an area of your life. 

Plantee Indoor Plants

Reduce stress


Purify airflow

Who doesn't like fresh, clean air?! Plants such as our Snake plant and Peace Lily work hard to purify their surrounding air by removing any chemicals or toxins that are lurking around.

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