Green Leaves


At Plantee we have house plants to suit all and we make it easy to find the new plant friend you're after. From our easy maintenance collection to our child and pet-friendly range, we've got everything you need to grow your plant family. Whether you're a complete plant novice or an experienced botanical pro, you'll find something that will brighten up your space and bring wonderful green into your life. 


Use our handy filters below to discover the plants which are perfect for your required space. Looking for something to add colour to the bathroom? Or maybe a new plant pal for the office? Plantee has got you covered and is here to recharge your soul and enliven your spirit.


They look stunning, bring to life any room and keep you busy watering them. However indoor plants are much more than just that. They also have a thing for improving our health – both mentally and physically. 


Just having plants in a home or office will help lower blood pressure in ways you didn’t realise were possible. Think about it, one of the best ways to clear a stressed mind can be going out for a walk in nature. It relaxes the mind and brings a certain kind of inner peace into your body.

Air pollution. It’s in all of our lives and unfortunately with the world we live in there’s not much we can do the avoid it. However, what if we told you that indoor plants can help make a difference to the air pollution in your life. Toxins in the air are absorbed in a plant's leaves and then broken down into safe by-products which will then be stored in its soil for future use. Pretty cool right? And they’re much better to look at then that fancy air humidifier you’ve seen online!

All indoor plants are unique. Therefore, they all different requirements for how much care and attention they need, whether it's weekly watering or increased humidity, it can be a little overwhelming for anyone starting their house plant journey or even for keen gardeners adding to their jungle collection. 

We know how difficult it can be, so that's why you'll find complete care guides for all of our indoor plant collection on our website, as well as plenty of handy plant care resources. We're also here to help if you have any plant questions or issues. Send us an email at, submit a question on our contact us form, or drop us a message via our Facebook or Instagram page.

Fast, safe delivery

All plant and pot orders are shipped out in a next day delivery service with one of our trusted courier partners, DHL or DPD. Orders are dispatched from Monday to Thursday. This avoids delivery hold-ups on weekends, thus allowing the plants to spend minimal time in confined space and means they arrive at your door healthy and happy. Please also allow a few days for packing.

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Plantee Guarantee

Our focus is on our customers receiving the most fantastic, healthy, beautiful house plants possible. This is why we use the highest quality suppliers from Holland and why we offer a Plantee guarantee on all plant orders. If you're not happy with your purchase, let us know and we can fix the problem for you.