Plant Parents of Instagram

In this edition, we get to know more about Mark, also known as @your.babylon, and his love of plants and Cooper his goregous little doggo!

Written by @your.babylon



Mark, where did your love of plants come from?

I think it all started with a fascination for nature and being outside and the idea of jungles.  As a young child I would be outside all the time looking at bugs and plants and trying to understand them.  Some I would sneak home in boxes and hide under my bed, mum would find them and go crazy at me.  


Over time this fascination was focused from being with my grandma in the garden, telling me all the plant names and how to care and grow more. That was a spark for me and it was all about propagation! And making my own jungle.

Tell us about your plant Instagram - @your.babylon

I started my Instagram plant page middle/late 2019 to share plant care tips, propagation tips and botanical garden tours. I mix it up now with posts showing my planted home decor as well as doing YouTube videos.   


Since doing this on Instagram I’ve connected up with so many positive plant lovers and some have become real friends and this has been the best part of it I’d say. I really like propagating and the science of plants and have just started the RHS certificate in ‘principles of horticulture’, something I wish I had done years ago. 

How many plants have you got at the moment?


I have over 150 in the house and I have a greenhouse which is heated and full of plants. Each room in the house has plants in which are used as statement pieces to enhance the room. It’s great to have nature in your home, the colours, scents and connection it brings.

What a collection! Which one's your favourite?


My favourite is still anthurium clarinervium, I like the sparkly foliage it’s just magical.  I have several types of anthurium now which are all in my glass plant cabinet.

What would be your best plant care tips and do you have any particular plant care routine?


I’ll be honest I’ve been growing and caring for plants for a long time and I have killed many and learnt from this. My best plant tip would be to understand your home space and research plants on many repositories from basic care to people’s experiences with them.  Look at the plant to tell you what it wants and when, you’ll learn. Some you cannot just apply the rigid guides / routines you read about, they my thrive with small nuances to care guides.

Weekly I wipe/clean my plants and daily check the foliage of the ones that need that extra love like calathea.  I actually enjoy this the most as I’m connecting with the plant and it’s almost like mindfulness time if you get me.


When watering I just check the soil to see if it’s needed rather than just forcing it on the plant. It’s so handy to have plants in nursery pots so you can pop them out to see how the roots and base is doing.

You can only have one plant, which one would you choose?


One! That’s hard, I need to be clever about this the one. The one I would pick would be Anthurium clarinervium. However if we are talking stranded on an island and you can have one plant then I want something that makes me food haha. I would then like a radish as I know they grow fast and look nice and colourful.

Finally, what's your best plant story?


Well it’s got to be my dog cooper he’s always around with me and the plants.  I took a photo of a beautiful tradescantia purple heart for my Instagram some months ago. I placed the plant down on the floor for a minute and cooper with his happy thrashing tail chopped it in half and he just sat on it. Oh well I got the nice photo(!), then took all the broken bits and rooted them into new life.

A massive thank you to

Mark from @your.babylon.

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