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In this edition, we get to know more about Emma, also known as @goodgrowing, and what it is about plants she loves so much.

Written by @goodgrowing



Emma, where did your love of plants come from?

 I've always loved growing things! I remember growing vegetables in the garden with my dad when I was little. At the very least, we would always have some tomatoes on the go. And then when I went to uni, I helped found a little community vegetable garden on campus.


It wasn't until I moved to the big city of London and started to feel disconnected from nature that I got into houseplants. I wanted to bring nature into my home. After I got one plant, and I didn't immediately kill it, I got another. And another, and another, and the addiction continued.


There's just something so wonderful about watching something grow, and it feels so good to know that I helped make that happen.  

Tell us about your plant Instagram - @goodgrowing

I started up my Instagram as a support to my YouTube channel where I talk about all things plants, from plant care tips, to silly videos where I guess my plants from my partner's strange descriptions. I totally didn't expect my Insta to grow so big, but I have really loved meeting so many like-minded people from the plant community. Everyone is just so thoughtful and caring and always willing to help each other out. 


As for where it's going, I don't plan on stopping any time soon! So I plan to continue sharing my plant knowledge with the world!

How many plants have you got at the moment?


I currently have 72 different kinds of plants... yes, I just went and counted. And if you include duplicates of the same thing, probably about 80.

What a collection! Which one's your favourite?


That's a really tough question because they are all my little plant children. If I'm thinking about all time, I think it's probably pothos because they were some of the first plants that I got and managed to keep thriving. They are just so laid back and don't make a big fuss like some other plants do. Recently though, I've gotten very into philodendrons. I love how there are so many different types and I just want to have them all! 

What would be your best plant care tips and do you have any particular plant care routine?


I think my biggest tip would be to look up the care of the plant you want to buy before you get it! I know that's so difficult when you're in the shop and the plant is staring up at you with its gorgeous leaves basically begging you to buy it. But so many times I have brought home a plant, went to go look up how to care for it, and realised I'd have to move all my furniture around in order to give it a prime spot in front of a window! I'm embarrassed to say, but those are the plants that end up dying because I can't care for them properly.


Also underwatering is almost always better than overwatering! 

As for plant care, I don't really have a regimented routine. I tend to let my plants lead me in their care. If I notice that some of them are looking thirsty, I'll tend to go around with my moisture meter and water the ones that need it. If I notice yellowing or browning leaves or funky growth, I'll inspect the plants in that area for pests and treat them accordingly. I find that works a lot better for me than a set schedule because changes in light and temperature throughout the year, change the frequency of care the plants need. 

You can only have one plant, which one would you choose?


I literally can't imagine my life without loads of plants now, so it's so hard to choose. But if I could only have one type, it would have to be some type of pothos. Probably an n joy, manjula, or marble queen because I love their funky green and white foliage. I'd also need to have like 30 massive plants of it so it could fill out my space nicely! 

And finally, why is it you love plants?

I love plants because I love seeing them grow. I love how there are so many different varieties and they grow in so many different ways. There is just something so astounding about nature that I just need to bring it into my home. I think it's also the desire to nurture, I don't have the space or money needed to properly care for a pet, so plants are kind of the next best thing. I can give them my love and care and in return, they make my life more beautiful. 

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