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In this edition, we discuss all things plants with plant lover and queen of the urban jungle - Jade (@jadesjunglegram

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Jade, where did your love of plants come from?


I first got into houseplants around 2-3 years ago. I was living in a tiny studio flat in the centre of a town - it had no garden, no greenery, very few windows and for a girl who loves the outdoors, I was craving some nature! So I decided to bring the outside in and haven’t looked back since!

Tell us about your plant Instagram - @jadesjunglegram

If I’m honest, I started my IG account primarily as a way of keeping plant-spam
off my personal account! I thought a few of my fellow plant-loving friends would follow along and that’s about it but it’s absolutely snow-balled since then! (and I’m definitely not complaining) I really love the plant community on IG!

Got any tips for taking the perfect plant pic?

I used to work as a professional portrait photographer and have a Fine Art Photography degree so I definitely think these have helped with my picture taking (although I’ll admit the photos on IG are mostly taken on my phone rather than a fancy camera!). The main tip I would give when it comes to taking photos of your plants is to think about the composition! What else is in the frame? Also, try to capture different or unusual angles - the underside of leaves are often just as stunning as the fronts in my opinion!

Which is your favourite plant and if you were only allowed one - which would you choose?

This changes weekly, no, daily! I honestly love the jungle vibe they create all together but if I had to choose one it would probably be my mature Monstera (don’t tell the others!). This plant is so stunning and a real statement plant! Mine is giant and will only get bigger - if I’m only allowed one it has to be the biggest right?


Jade's mighty Monstera leaf

Give us your best plant care tips?

Before buying a plant, do your research! Can you give it the conditions it needs? Where will you put it in your home? Try to emulate the environment that matches its natural habitat as close as possible. That’ll give it the best chance of thriving!

And finally, why do you love plants?

The honest answer is, they do wonders for my mental health! For me, plant care and self-care go hand in hand. I love caring for them, watching them grow, I love the way they look in a room and I can’t imagine my home without them now! If I’m feeling anxious or stressed, sitting in my jungle living room, surrounded by plants, with a coffee and a good book always improves my mood.

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