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In this edition, we get to know more about Stu, also known as @plantastic_mr_fox, and what it is about plants he loves so much.

Written by @plantastic_mr_fox



Stu, where did your love of plants come from?


I’ve always had a passion for nature and plants but was awful at keeping them alive. I’m originally from a small town in Staffordshire which has a large woodland area beside my parent's house. As a kid I could spend hours in there just admiring the plants and how they change from season to season.

How did you get into plants?

I started collecting plants properly about 2 years ago after a girl from work had to get rid of her plants quickly due to moving abroad. She brought 30 plants to work and I ended up taking 15. I was determined to keep them alive so started researching them as they were mostly tropical. My obsession just grew and 100 plants later I guess I’m officially a plant parent hehe.

Tell us about your plant Instagram - @plantastic_mr_fox


This is a funny one as I started it because my friends were constantly moaning about only seeing plants on my personal account feed and complaining it was clogging their news feed haha. So I thought I’d keep my personal account about friends and family and set up a new account for my passion for plants. I didn’t think it would grow so big.

How many plants have you got at the moment?


On my last count, it was 108. That includes cuttings I am currently propagating.

Wow, that's a lot of plants! Which one's your favourite?


Most definitely my beautiful Begonia maculata. A lot of people struggle with them but mine is so well behaved and loving life 

What would be your best plant care tips and do you have any particular plant care routine?


The best advice I tell people is to do your research before buying any plant. Can your home mimic the natural climate of the plants habitat? Can you provide humidity, light and time for the particular plant you want? If the answer is no, don’t buy it. Buy something that will flourish in the environment you have or can create.


Every Sunday is my plant care day. I devote my Sunday mornings to watering and checking every plant. As I water them I’ll check for pests and do general maintenance. Remove dead leaves and wipe down to remove dust.

You can only have one plant, which one would you choose?


I’m dying to get my hands on an Anthurium chamberlainii. They have the most amazing leaves which can grow huge in the right conditions. 

And finally, why is it you love plants?

I find plants so therapeutic and great for the mind. They stimulate my brain in terms of learning and happiness. Living in the heart of London can be stressful, so coming back to my little green oasis is beautifully calming and helps me relax in the evening knowing I’m surrounded by nature.

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