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In this edition, we get to know more about Emily, also known as @plantyofemily, and the incredible number of plants she has.

Written by @plantyofemily



Emily, how did you get into plants?

 I started buying a few in university and they grew SO fast. I loved watching them grow, so I headed to the local garden centre to buy more, then got a loyalty card! Then it spiraled a little more out of control when we moved into a flat where we could actually drill! And drill we did... Shelves, hooks, more shelves... all for the plants!


Tell us about your plant Instagram - @plantyofemily


I set it up one night last summer as my boyfriend was talking about his colleague's dog's Instagram. I said 'I'm going to make an Instagram for my plants!' So I did, little did I know it was a thing!! And it's so cool (if I do say so myself!) But I'm so glad I did it, it's been so much fun communicating with people from all around the world about a common interest!


I don't take it too seriously and I take photos on my phone and upload when I have some time/inspiration! I wish I could use it more and take the photos with my DSLR as I used to be a photographer before I became a midwife! But I do still prioritise my work, social life and personal (but much less followed!) Instagram! But it's so nice to break away from life every once in a while and just scroll through all the beautiful plant pictures out there though and be a part of a lovely plant-filled community!

How many plants have you got at the moment?


My last count was 175!! I only counted for one of our lockdown Zoom pub quiz questions (no-one got it right)! Never again! 

What a collection! Which one's your favourite?


My favourites are probably my monsteras! Especially my Variegated Monstera Deliciosa or my Monstera Thai Constellation! I love their variegation and how every leaf is different! But my favourite unowned dreamy plant is a big birds of paradise!

What would be your best plant care tips and do you have any particular plant care routine?


Less is more (in terms of water - not plants!) Try not to overwater and look at your plants. Do they need something? Quite often they will give you signals that they need water, more light, less light, or a check for bugs (if they're not growing or look sad!)

I don't so much have a routine as I have A LOT of plants now and hardly have a routine myself at the moment as a busy midwife swapping from nights to days! But I have had them all for quite a while now, that I kinda know their needs to an extent. I never water them unless they need it, so I don't water them all at once. As with my patients, they need some individualised care! Also, I watered them all at once one time and it took over 7 litres of water (& a lot of patience) to do my living room plants alone! 

You can only have one plant, which one would you choose?

It's not my absolute favourite, but my Monstera Adansonii! It grows so quick and I've propagated it so much that most of my family, friends and even some on my plant IG have their own fully grown baby now! I love spreading the plant love and I love their holey leaves and how they grow like a plant on steroids!

What's your best plant story?


So one day we headed to the local garden centre to buy some plants. But they didn't do many indoor plants, and I came across a Japenese Acer (yep an outdoor tree) for £140!!! And we thought we'd keep it inside. All of my colleagues were like 'you have an Acer, but inside?!?' but I was so convinced to try make it work.


It was just SO pretty and I somehow convinced my boyfriend that I could buy it with my money 🤷🏼‍♀️. It ended up lasting a year but we made ALL of the mistakes with it. Repotting into a pot far too big, moving it, then moved it outside when it was overwatered and definitely had root rot! :(


Learnt from my mistakes and never let my boyfriend water the plants! I bought some more... Partly due to my growing love of plants... Partly to show I could actually keep some alive! And that some turned into the classic meme of 'mooooree'!! But now I only buy plants that can really work indoors! And he's not allowed to water them as it must have been his fault hey...

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