Bobby - Bird's-nest Fern

Bobby - Bird's-nest Fern


Asplenium antiquum


Fits 12.5cm+ pots

When it comes to tropical houseplants, it doesn't get much better than Bobby the Bird's-nest Fern. A brilliant addition for many reasons, but non more important than the fact it's known as non-toxic for our animal friends.


The fairly new variety of houseplant consists of wonderful, long, wavy leaves with rippling edges that truly stand out in a crowd.


Bobby the Bird's-nest Fern also works as a home air pollutant filter. Toxic gases from around the home are absorbed and broken down. Cleaner air and more oxygen means healthier and happy individuals with greater productivity and less stress!


Even if you haven't got a furry friend in your life, be sure to expand your collection with this exciting green fella.

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