Charlie - Chinese Evergreen

Charlie - Chinese Evergreen


Aglaonema Silver Queen Compact


Fits 12.5cm+ pots

Charlie the Chinese Evergreen originates from the jungle setting of Southeast Asia and loves to make home under large tropical relatives. A big favourite in the homes across the UK, this beauty is known for her easy maintenance from low levels of light and average watering amount.


The silver queen as she's often known, sports a fantastic spread of marbled dark green and light green leaves. This stylish design not only looks good but also allows a tolerance for low light levels.


Charlie the Chinese Evergreen also works as a home air pollutant filter. Toxic gases from around the home are absorbed and broken down. Cleaner air and more oxygen means healthier and happy individuals with greater productivity and less stress!


Known in China as a plant that brings you luck - we cant promise it'll help you win the lottery... however, it certainly will bring a lot of joy to your home and life.

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