Daisy - Devils Ivy

Daisy - Devils Ivy


Epipremnum aureum, Ceylon creeper, Golden Pothos


​​​​​​​Fits 12.5cm pots

A favourite in the house plant world for many reasons, Daisy the Devils Ivy will love virtually all conditions in your space.


Incredibly adaptable, Daisy works brilliantly as a hanging or trailing plant, easily trained up a wall due to her fast-growing nature. She's also incredibly simple to care for which makes her a real fan favourite as she can basically be left to do her own thing, whilst also achieving gorgeous results.


Daisy also works as a home air pollutant filter. Toxic gases from around the home are absorbed and broken down. Cleaner air and more oxygen means healthier and happy individuals with greater productivity and less stress!


This is an ideal house plant for any beginner plant parents and also one which will not look out of place in a seasoned home jungle.

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