Sammy - Monkey Leaf Plant

Sammy - Monkey Leaf Plant


Monstera adansonii Monkey Leaf, Swiss Cheese Plant


Fits 12.5cm+ pots

The Monstera adansonii, often referred to as the Monkey Leaf Plant, gets its name due to its resemblance to a monkey's face (apparently...). Similar to the Swiss Cheese Plant, Sammy has lots of holes in his leaves (don't fret, they're supposed to be like that..!). 


In the jungles is where this beautiful plant is used to, living in the shade of other much larger trees. The funky looking holes on its leaves are actually a clever design to let light through to any lower leaves whilst in the jungle. But assuming you're not living in an actual jungle, these holes just add to an awesome looking house plant.


Sammy the Monkey Leaf Plant also works as a home air pollutant filter. Toxic gases from around the home are absorbed and broken down. Cleaner air and more oxygen means healthier and happy individuals with greater productivity and less stress!


Fill the plant sized hole in your life with this wonderful indoor plant!

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