Kalvin - Cactus

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Fits 11cm+ pots


About Kalvin - Cactus

Our little prickly friend Kalvin the Cactus comes in a range of different shapes and sizes. A native of South and North American deserts, Kalvin is used to hot, dry conditions and therefore is capable of storing large amounts of water at once.

Covered in spines, this allows him to limit the loss of water as well as keep safe from any pesky animals. Kalvin also loves having growth spurts at certain times of the year, where he requires certain amounts of light and water.

Treat Kalvin with the best of care and he can live up to 300 years old!


Plant Info Guide

  • Size: Kalvin can range in sizes from 10-15cm and three different styles.
  • Water: Water when his soil is completely dry and do so from the bottom, whilst avoiding getting water on his body or spines.
  • Light: Kalvin is originally from the desert and therefore he loves conditions that are dry and light. Lots of light and sunshine would be ideal for Kalvin. Don't worry if he can't get enough light as this won't hurt him, it will just limit his growth.
  • Temperature: Warm conditions are best for Kalvin preferably, however, average household temperatures of between 15°C and 25°C will be sufficient.
  • Humidity: Dry conditions are perfect for conditions for Kalvin, so best to be kept on a nice warm windowsill.
  • Toxicity: Non-toxic so safe for pets and children, but long prickly spines can be a bit painful so best to keep away from wandering hands or paws.