Why Indoor Plants Will Change Your life

You'll be amazed at what your plants can do for you.

Written by Plantee


They look stunning, bring to life any room and keep you busy watering them. However indoor plants are much more than just that. They also have a thing for improving our health – both mentally and physically.


Studies carried out have revealed that having indoor plants can bring many improvements into our lives. These include improving room air quality, boosting mood, reducing stress and increasing concentration and productivity.

Just by having plants in a home or office will help lower blood pressure in ways you didn’t realise were possible. Think about it, one of the best ways to clear a stressed mind can be going out for a walk in nature. It relaxes the mind and brings a certain kind of inner peace into your body.



A room full of indoor plants has the same affect. The calming effect they offer are like no other you can find in a room in your home. As for your office, other studies have shown the influence of indoor plants in a work environment to bring higher overall performance through greater staff well-being and fewer staff sick days.


Air pollution. It’s in all of our lives and unfortunately with the world we live in there’s not much we can do the avoid it. However, what if we told you that indoor plants can help make a difference to the air pollution in your life.



We experience it every day, whether it’s at home, on the train to work or whilst in the office. A lot of things we encounter in these environments can produce toxins which can affect our skin, body and most importantly, what we breathe in. Think plastics, paint, rubbers, all will begin to break down over time releasing toxins into the environment and affecting us without us even realising.



That’s where our little green plant friends come into play and help us out. They help to improve indoor air quality through their natural air purifying techniques. Toxins in the air are absorbed in a plants leaves and then broken down into safe by products which will then be stored in its soil for future use.


Pretty cool right? And they’re much better to look at then that fancy air humidifier you’ve seen online!


Penelope - Peace Lily

Penelope the Peace Lily is a fantastic addition to any indoor plant collection. Having originally come from the tropical regions of Americas and Southeast Asia, the Peace Lily is a big fan of steamy, humid conditions. The white flower matches that of a white flag and thus is known to represent a sign of peace. Not only is she pretty to look at with her shiny leaves and blossoming flower, but she also known for her air purifying abilities. 

Sienna - Snake Plant

Sienna is a fantastic indoor plant for anyone just starting out. She hails from the tropical areas of Western Africa and is known to bring many benefits as well as being incredibly easy to care for.

Bertie - Bonsai

With his origins dating all the way back to the Chinese Empire and then adapted by the Japanese later on, Bertie the Bonsai is a fantastic example of horticultural art. Essentially a miniature tree, Bonsai's literal translation is "planted in a container". Not only is Bertie a great looking home decoration and easy to care for, he also provides many great health benefits. 

All three are fantastic plants in their own right, however all share a few awesome traits. Working as a home air pollutant filter, toxic gases from around the home are absorbed and broken down. Whilst purifying the surrounding air, this process also means the release of oxygen which is pretty darn good for humans! Cleaner air and more oxygen means healthier and happy individuals with greater productivity and less stress!

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The power of plants.

The natural air purifier???

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